Europe in the Future - Multifaceted and Unified

Тhe role of local authority for the future of EU

The project “Europe in the Future - Multifaceted and Unified” is focused on the role of local authority for the future of EU.

The general objective is to foster European citizenship and to improve conditions for civic and democratic participation at Union level by developing citizens' understanding of the Union policy making-process, its history and diversity and promoting opportunities for societal and intercultural engagement.

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Dear Applicants, Congratulations!

The project team is very happy to announce that during the fourth international meeting „EUROPE, WE WANT TO BE“, Bulgaria, the international jury has selected the winners in the contest “The Europe, we want to be”.

115 participants with 119 works took part in the contest (essays - 13, poetry - 13, prose - 13, drawings - 68, photos - 11, clips - 1).

Full information about the winners and prizes you can see HERE.

For further information how to receive your prize please contact your local coordinators:

  • Aksakovo, Bulgaria: Neli Petrova,
  • Setubal, Portugal: Susana Ullrich,
  • Igualada, Spain: Daniel Castejon Llorach,; Suarez Grau, Anna,
  • Nughedu Santa Vittoria, Italy: Giuseppe Salis,

Thank you very much for your participation. We wish you success in your future!

Project team

Dear visitors of the site “Europe in the Future - Multifaceted and Unified”, from today 20/02/2017 up to 20/03/2017 you can vote for the works of the contest “The Europe, we want to be!”

You have to be a registered user on the site in order to vote. If you don't have an account, please follow the Register button and fill in the sign up form. If you're already registered, please login before you vote, pressing the Log In button. You can find both buttons appearing under each contest entry - right to the Vote button.

The deadline of contest “The Europe, we want to be!” per each categories is extended up to 15 February 2017. All registered users on the site of could vote for the works in period from 20/02/2017 up to 20/03/2017